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How to improve your Employee Experience?

Updated: Jan 19

Many organizations start with Employer Branding, EVP, Employee Experience Mapping, however collecting feedback and improve your staff situation is the best way to go! The structured Branding & EVP approach will come on the way!


Show that you can improve the Employee Experience

Before starting a very theoretical and long approach to define the basic of Employee Value Proposition (EVP), invest time in understanding and fixing the issues of your current applicants and employees.

You can either start with a general employee survey to understand which processes and topics are not so satisfactory for the teams or focus on one process like application or promotion in which you know that there is potential to improve.

Design an easy rating and survey questionnaire with free text feedback fields and get enough feedback and data to be able to understand current concerns. Pick 2-3 main concerns and start to fix them inside your company. E.g. if applicants say that the online form is too tedious to fill out or you get very low application numbers, prioritize a CV upload or email options instead on your company webpage.

If you need more advice on how to develop a good survey, please have a look at our previous blog: Customer & Employee Centric Survey Design

After you understand the main issues and have proven that you can fix them throughout the organisation, you could tackle a more systematic approach.

Employer Branding, EVP & Experience Mapping

Let us explain you the different dimensions:

Employer Branding is the brand promise you are given to any potential or existing employee what they can expect when they work for you. Many companies use generic Employer Branding with terms like "world-class", "No. 1", "Competitive Salary", etc. but it is better to stand out with a Employer Branding slogan which fits to your company, industry and culture, e.g. Starbucks:

We’re Hiring! Join us in 2022 by becoming our partner (employee) today.

No matter what’s ahead—we’ll be there to support you through it. As a partner, you'll be surrounded by new friends and a company that cares, celebrating and supporting you in whatever the year has to offer.

As our partner, we want you and your family to feel cared for, which is why we offer benefits for the real you, including child and family care, tuition support for your first-time degree, mental health support resources, free coffee, Spotify Premium (U.S. only) and more.

Join us. Inspire with every cup. Apply at

Employer Branding on Starbucks Job Page
Starbucks Job Page

Once you have your desired Employer Branding and therefore a brand promise to your staff and applicants we need an EVP (Employee Value Proposition) to fulfill it.

The EVP is a multi-dimensional statement in which companies emphasize what they offer better than their competition in terms of Organization & Culture, Work Environment, Benefits & Rewards, Career & Learning Opportunities, People Community among others.

We need to describe what are the incentives and outstanding perks in all of this dimension why a person should work exactly for us beside their job role and basic salary.

Spotify has a very elaborate EVP with a modern wording addressing their target audience and using the music theme into their statements:

Employee Value Proposition Spotify
EVP Spotify

Once we have defined who we are and what we want to deliver for our employees, we actually need to constantly improve the Employee Experience with a Feedback - Analysis - Implementation - Measure Management Cycle for continuous improvement.

The main tool to analyze feedback and to plan improvement or WOW implementations is the Employee Experience Journey Mapping.

We need to know on which journey or process step our employees are not satisfied in order to brainstorm if it is possible to fix it, e.g. are most employees unhappy with the onboarding, probation, normal working or project cycles, etc.?

Once we found that out by rating, survey or workshop feedbacks, we can further ask them what they would like and get ideas how to improve it.

Employee Experience Mapping
Employee Experience Mapping

If you would like to know more how to implement Experience Management, have a look at our previous blog: Customer Experience starts with Employees!

Repeat! Repeat! Repeat!

Improving your employee experience is not just a one-off definition, branding and survey exercises but an ongoing process to collect feedback and data, to fix issues or to surprise your applicants / employees and to strive for a greater and living employee value proposition in which your staff can give witness and examples on your communication.

If you would like to develop and implement a great Employee Experience at your organization and start with tangible results rather than just definitions or promises, feel free to contact us here or on

This blog was written by Carsten Ley, Entrepreneur, Enabler & Project Lead in Customer Experience, Project & Business Transformation leading large scale project implementations in Retail, E-commerce, Banking, Consulting & Experience Management for companies like Deloitte Germany, VW Mexico, Rolls-Royce UK, Lazada Vietnam and H&M South East Asia. He founded 2018 Asia PMO, a consulting firm focussing on getting clients fast and efficient into implementation of company objectives, customer & employee experience improvements to foster a result- and team-oriented environment.


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