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Develop your Strategy & Goals to achieve Results with OKRs

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Objectives & Key Results Management based on your Strategy can help you to focus your teams on current priorities
and achieve them within a three months management cycle.


Free Goal-Setting & Action Tracking Audit

OKR Training

Want to understand how to set-up, measure and track OKRs? Why OKRs can help to improve your current goal-setting by KPIs, BSC or others in volatile times?

We will explain to you and your team how OKRs can help on agile management, how to build an OKR Management Cycle, which culture you need to run OKRs, which tools to use and how to develop meaningful & actionable OKRs.

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Strategy Training

Strategy & OKR workshop

To develop or review your mid- / long-term Mission, Vision (Northstar), Strategy & Values as a basis for yearly Objectives and quarterly OKRs aligned towards your long-term Vision.

Facilitate the input like Strategy, previous results, idea brainstorming in an OKR Workshop to set-up Objectives and measurable Key Results connected to actions or projects. 

This includes workshops on company, department and team / project  levels for design and feedback sessions.

Strategy Workshop

OKR Implementation

After setting-up OKRs, we will organize and align the OKR departments & teams and facilitate the tracking and achievement in an adequate OKR Tool.

This includes initial alignments on different company levels, tool set-up, weekly tracking and quarterly OKR Review and set-up workshop and possible retrospective feedback sessions.

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Our Clients:


Implemented OKRs on Company, Departments & Project Team Level

  • OKR Webinars for 50+ employees around the globe.

  • OKR Setting Workshops for Management Team, Engineering, Sales and project task forces

  • Set-up OKR structure and tracking in GTMHub

  • Weekly action vs. result reviews and monthly management stage gate reviews on Objectives & Key Results

  • Facilitation of cultural change by implementing OKRs quarterly on different company layers & teams

MIT Myanmar

Implemented OKRs (Objectives & Key Results) / Consult on IT Tool Development for Myanmar Market

  • Trained 40+ Directors & Managers on OKRs & introduced best practice OKR tools 

  • Set-up and optimize company and team OKRs and action owner throughout the company

  • Implement OKR review cycle, workshops and communication to align all staff on new methodology

  • Monthly tracking and managing of OKR on all levels from direct reports (managers and team leaders).

  • Consult the IT Development Team on designing and testing their own OKR management tool

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