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From Understanding Agile
to Doing Agile to Being Agile

Our exclusive offer together with the agile leadership coaching
from semdi solutions 

semdi solutions
Agile Evolution

Understanding Agile

Understand the values and principles of Agile and why it is so important in the 21st century.

We offer Agile Foundation Training to understand:

  • The difference between waterfall / hybrid / agile processes

  • When to use waterfall / hybrid / agile processes

  • Agile Values & Principles

  • Main agile techniques:

    • Scrum (Sprint)​

    • Lean Management

    • Kanban

    • Design Thinking

  • Value Driven Project Management​

  • Change Management Methodology

Understanding Agile

Doing Agile

Now it is time to implement Agile. Clarify the challenges and develop the ideal way of working for your organization.


We support you in the implementation of Agile processes through consulting/advising, Team Training, Facilitation and Coaching.

  • Apply Agile Management Techniques into your teams and organization strategically (e.g. through OKRs, Scrum, etc.)

  • Organizational Assessment with suggestions on creating more resilient processes

  • Facilitating Change in your organization to more agile structures

  • Agile Leadership Trainings for leaders and managers to understand their role in an agile organization (Management 3.0) 

Being Agile

BeiNG Agile

Agile helps to build resilient organizations, not only by following the frameworks and processes, but also living its values and principles to make better decisions every day.


Through management & leadership consulting and coaching, we support your organizations with the following concepts:

  • What is the Agile Mindset vs. Agile processes

  • Role of Leadership in Agile organization and Principles of an Agile organization

  • How to use the Agile mindset daily to create the Agile organization

  • The secrets behind high-performance teams for self-organization and cross-functionality.

Doing Agile
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