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Agile & Project Management gives your team a clear methodology, structure & roadmap how to make product, services & innovations happen. Besides fostering the collaboration culture.


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Agile & Project Management

Want to understand when and how to apply Agile & Project Management in your initiatives and teams? How to blend it the best to work structured but flexible and go-to-market driven?

We will train your leaders and teams on Project Management & Agile Leadership and help you to implement a standard way to set-up, achieve and measure your projects. Besides we support your goal-setting & achievement by OKRs.

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PMO set-up & Management

We help you to build a Project Management Office (PMO) to support, control and steer all the project in your company. 

Further more PMO can manage wide-scale and key strategic projects in your company as a central and independent unit.

We will train your team to run projects, program management and set-up a project portfolio overview.

Project Management Office

Project Coordination & Management

Do you need support for a complex project on national or global scale? Do you need experienced agile & project leaders to run large-scale implementation projects.

We can set-up, launch and manage projects and programs for you with over 20 years experience as project coordinators, managers and sponsors. 

We can run projects in multiple systems like MSProject, Wrike, Trello, Basecamp, etc.

Project Management
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Our Clients:


Set-up and run PMO for Movi Vietnam (former ICare Benefits)

  • Hiring Project Managers and established a standard PMO department (templates, trainings & centralized projects)

  • Together with a newly hired Head of PMO we developed and established the project portfolio management to steer and control business projects by departments and technology projects.

  • Managed & controlled overall 2 years strategic roadmap (E&Y) into actionable projects & deliverables.

  • Steering of Weekly team review and monthly management project portfolio meetings


Project Set-up, Management,  and Coordination for Social Enterprise client (confidential)

  • Project Initiation with internal and external stakeholders and company / consulting project teams

  • Global PMO project and change request management with controlling of 3rd parties 

  • Steering of weekly team and monthly project sponsorship updates 

  • Full management of project in Wrike and via Zoom Calls 

  • Delivery and achievement of main milestones and project targets within budget.