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Customer Experience 
Employee Experience
Partner / Franchise Experience

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Customer Experience & Employee Experience Management enables you to listen to your customer and employees and be more successful by reacting on your to their needs and expectations pro-actively.


Free Customer Data & Feedback Audit

Customer Experience Training

Employee Experience Training

Want to understand how to set-up, measure and track Experience Management? Why focus on customers or employees can help your company to win the market and to save costs?

We will explain to you and your team what is Customer (CX) & Employee Experience (EX), how to measure, analyze and action complaints and wishes in a monthly continuous improvement cycle.


CX Training

Customer Experience StrateGy 
Employee Experience Strategy

We help you to set-up a CX strategy or project in your company to start consolidating all customer / employee experience relevant data in your company and enrich it by more feedback and insights like CSAT, NPS, etc.

We can run workshops to brainstorm cross-functional pain point solutions and wow surprises and a PMO to implement these actions and measure their impact.

CX Strategy

Customer Experience / Employee Experience Implementation

We support you to make Customer / Employee Experience a pillar of your strategy and execution.

We can set-up and train an internal CX / EX team and support to ideate, track and implement cross-functional solutions as a continuous improvement cycle.

We further can build a human-centric culture based on customer and employees in which the entire company strives for product & service excellency.

CX Implementation
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Enabled E-commerce Market entry of H&M in South East Asia

  • Develop market study on fashion E-commerce in South East Asia (+ Taiwan, Hong Kong & Macau) including benchmark testing and documentation from main fashion competitors in the region.

  • Full customer journey mapping for fashion E-commerce (Landing Page, Product research, Check-out, Waiting time, Delivery, After Sales)

  • Setup & reviewed of E-commerce website for H&M South East Asia regarding local customer journey requirements. Development of customer policies for shipping, return, payment options, etc.

Asia PMO Client Logos

Enabled CX Function, cross-functional service improvements & customer centric culture​

  • Developed CX team to perform ad-hoc clean-up actions and implementation of wow service projects.

  • Enabled Lazada VN to understand the challenges of local customer with E-commerce in terms of trust, quality & communication channels and implemented measures to improve service levels (internal / 3PL).

  • Stabilized and re-structured CS team and ORKs. Raised outsourcing ratio from 40% to 70% and live chat ratio from 20% to 70%.

  • Design and implemented a customer centric change program to motivate and reward teams on CX

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