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To be ALIGNED or not to be?

Business Transformation does not have to start with tools or methodologies like OKRs but the willingness to align your workforce and teams on a daily level.

Alignment beside "focus on results" and "getting things done" is one of the key strength most of our consulting clients are missing before we even can start to talk about Business Transformation with OKRs (Objectives & Key Results) , Customer Experience & Digital Technologies.

1. Identifying and breaking the silos

Growing start-ups and mature companies can fall into the trap to automatically create siloed teams, departments and working environment by building strategies, targets and processes along department rather than output structures.

It is important to identify which teams are not aligned and why they are working on different outputs towards common objective or results. Non-aligned teams lead to duplicated work efforts or wasted resources and can trigger a lot of frustration and miscommunication.

Break the silos and enhance alignment and collaboration
Break the silos

2. Actively support your teams to align

A lot of managers would start to push the teams and individuals to align with other members on a regular basis, however it is important to enable, support and foster alignment proactively.

Provide the right systems, tools, processes meetings and even workplaces to repeat information and open feedback channels to detect and address any misunderstandings or confusion. Good leaders are managing the system not always directly the teams to create an environment of alignment and support.

Align and Focus on a common process, communication and target
Align and Focus

3. Repeat your messages, differentiate the channels

Alignment similar to communication and change management is a constant repetition of the same messages in different channels and tools. In today overwhelming and complex work environments people tend to forget basic agreements and information. Make sure that you have enough channels to overcommunicate and emphasis the most important alignment topics like common goals, agreed processes and collaboration / team work, etc.


4. Missing alignment as top company failure

Growing start-ups or established companies which do not work consistently towards the same targets and outcomes, waste normally a lot of time and resources which could break the company in a long run. Employees and customer can tell very fast when organizations do not speak with 'one voice' or do not have robust standards and processes to handle their business situation.

If you feel that your teams are not aligned and focused on the same goals, results and output, came talk to us at Asia PMO. We can support you to create a common strategy, goal-setting and implement tools & techniques to foster an aligned, transparent and collaborative culture.

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