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Agile Management: How to “sprint” to a new company web page.

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Working agile means adapting constantly to market needs and delivering final products quickly and regularly, while in close contact with the end customer using easy and solution-oriented tools.

For those uninitiated, Sprint is used in Scrum Agile Methodology. It revolves around the concept of completing a project with all members involved in a short time frame. This is done with constant feedback on progress of the project with regular updates at each step along the way. At the end of the sprint, performance is reviewed and necessary adaptations are made.


Sprint and agile management

At Asia PMO, we managed to create our new web page,, within a one week sprint.

Let us explain our steps:

1. Get a clear view of the problem

  • Identify main problems with the current website, in terms of both content and design.

  • Interview between designer and the main stakeholders of Asia PMO to understand their requirements on the final web page design:

  • Find an easier tool to update weekly content.

  • Smooth layout & simple blue / white design

  • Add Events & Blog function

2. Outline site Map

  • List current basic functions & add new ones that flow.

  • List input needs to design the new web page (texts, pics, etc.)

  • Benchmark with other consulting pages regarding structure

3. Target tool options:

  • Compare functions and prices of different web-builder tools

  • Align with stakeholder on web builder tool (wix)

4. Sketch & Improve:

  • Find templates & sketch landing page options

  • After landing page is agreed, sketch further pages

  • Show designs to stakeholders and align on basic template design

5. Build Prototype:

  • Build full web page prototype in WIX with all menus & functions

  • Add current or place-holder texts and images

  • Full day sprint session with customer, page by page, to add new text and images

  • Consult with different members of staff and clients for feedback on live version before optimizing SEO

6. Essential steps after Sprint:

  • Make site live by updating domains

  • Optimize SEO

  • Update corporate emails

  • Fix “Google My Business” locations

  • Set Content publishing schedule

Asia PMO’s agile management services

Are your projects stuck in testing phases? Is your speed of “go-live” very slow? Are you trying to finish 100% before uploading functions and contents?

Let us help you with our coaching and consulting services based on Agile Management to achieve faster roll-outs and be more adaptive to the market. Contact us.

Does your organization use SPRINT? Comment below and let us know!

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