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Complaints? Don't hide them, see them as an opportunity!

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

In business, It’s normal to receive a number of complaints from customers on a daily basis. While some of them are simple to deal with, others are not; these complaints can possibly lead to severe impact on the firm. So, are complaints good or bad?


The most basic reason for the existence of products or services is meeting the market’s demands; indeed, complaints are representative for the genuine voice of customers about the difference between the expectation and reality of customers and markets towards products or services. In terms of businesses who usually try to explain roughly the policies of the firm or even debate with customers in black and white, which will hardly win the markets' hearts and achieve breakthrough progress. In contrast, businesses that are prominent in complaint management are more likely to achieve goals and build a vast number of customers’ loyalty.

Complaints about complaints @Mike Baldwin
Complaints about complaints @Mike Baldwin

How to leverage complaints?

In the period of 10 years working in various positions in the field of customer services, I realized the essentials of this department in managing complaints and turning them into an advantageous leverage for the firm. In order to master it, customer service teams need to be thoroughly trained in these following aspects:

  1. Appropriate awareness: Initially, a proper and positive awareness about complaints is the most crucial element that employees of complaints management should have. Attaining this mindset is not only through training but also through the influence and inspiration from managers and leaders

  2. Skills: Problem analysis and giving solutions could be seen as the most important skills in managing complaints. However, It's a shame that most of the firms tend to focus on training communication and persuading skills instead of solving customers’ problems in using products or services.

  3. Decentralized: People who work in Customer Service departments need to be decentralized to foster the process of solving complaints from customers, to give them the most satisfactory explanation and solution in the shortest time, for instance: changing policy, improving the quality, upgrading the products or services, etc. Only when these requirements are met could firms enhance their competitive advantages as well as meet the demands of customer markets.

At ASIA PMO, we offer support in training Customer Service departments, building the appropriate approach and process of complaint management. They enable firms to utilize the customers’ responses to boost the competitive advantage of products, services; whilst building brand reputation and credibility in the market.

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