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Everything depends on Action & Project Management - why PMO is so important?

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

In our consulting journey from Project to Customer Experience to Agile Consulting, we realized that the underlying principle is always to get the action management right.

As Asia PMO, we started 8 years as a Project Consulting and PMO (Project Management Office) implementation firm to help customers set-up & manage their projects and to set-up PMO structures into their companies. These projects came from many different topics like Sales Optimization, Customer Service Outsourcing, Office Fit-out, Funding Sourcing, etc. While the topic and expertise of the project team is very important, the success depended mainly on 2 dimension: Communication & Action Management.

OKR Vietnam
Asia PMO's agile process

What does Action Management include?

Any initiatives, projects & changes within an organisation normally start with ideas or business requirements. After a planning and budgeting phase, we are transforming these ideas or requirements into reality. And that is what Action Management is all about: turning strategies, objectives, plans into real outcomes or products which can be tangible, measured, experienced and evaluated.

Action Management for Customer / Employee Experience, Agile Management & OKRs?

Evolving Asia PMO into an agile & experience focused consulting firm, we are grateful that we learned how to master action management first as project coordinators, managers, consultants and PMO Leads as it is the core of all achievements.

Customer / Employee Experience (CX/EX):

Based on a variety of research and feedback loops we can improve the experiences of customers / employees with your company, product & services. Besides conducting the right surveys and measuring the customer behavior data, we focus on delivering solutions to make our experiences easier for customers by proposing & implementing fast actions. Successful CX/EX teams in companies run and control multiple mini projects at the same time with the support of all departments to delight customers & employees.

Customer Experience Methodology
Customer Experience Methodology

Agile Management & OKRs:

The focus on Agile Management and OKRs is to deliver efficient, time-boxed and fast results based on requirements, user stories, objectives & expected key results. To have the right action tracking and management in place is crucial to enable and control these implementations.

Objectives and Key Results
Objectives and Key Results

How can Asia PMO help?

PMO teams usually support companies to manage and control various projects internally. They follow up on tasks and issues and ensure that all actions are performed in order to finish a certain deliverable or reach a dedicated milestone.

For our clients we suggest that Project Management Office can also facilitate the cross-functional action management for strategic drivers like Customer / Employee Experience implementations and further support the to achieve the deliverables and key results by Agile & OKRs action cycles.

We can help you to train your PMO or responsible teams on action management for different kind of topics to make sure that you achieve the results your are planning. Furthermore we can support you with the right method and tools to manage and control all company and team activities on focused results.

Please contact us.

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